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4 signs it’s time to upgrade your phone system

There is no doubt that businesses need reliable communications to run smoothly. When you are busy running your business, changing your phone system may not be high on your agenda. But if you are not taking advantage of a flexible VoIP or cloud-based solution then productivity and business efficiency could suffer. Here are some key signs that it could be time for an upgrade

1. Your working practices have changed

During the pandemic we experienced a major shift in the way we communicate. Staying in touch with colleagues and customers from any location was crucial and this was not a problem for business already using cloud-based or hosted telephony. Flexible working practices are now here to stay and a system that supports multiple devices from any location is a must. If your traditional phone system is stopping your team from communicating effectively, it is time to consider a cloud-based system.

Cloud-based systems are inherently flexible. As the phone system is in a data centre, your staff can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection, so being tied to the office is a thing of the past. If the system offers softphone options, then your employees can connect on any device including laptops, business and personal mobiles and tablets.

2. Your phone system is disrupted if there’s an onsite issue

Events like power cuts, flooding and transport disruption can mean that your team are unable to work in the office. The consequences of not being able to make and receive calls will have a negative impact on your business.

Staff can access a VoIP phone system remotely, so your business operates as normal even if the unexpected happens.

3. You’re expanding

When your business is growing, your phone system needs to expand with you. Unlike onsite phone systems, a cloud-based solution is easy to scale. You simply add licences as you go, there’s no need to purchase additional hardware to increase capacity. Softphone applications mean that your new team members are on the system in the time that it takes to install the software onto their device. If a move to a bigger site is on the horizon, the system moves with you as it is accessed in the cloud from any location.

4. You’re missing calls

When customers are looking for a service or product, they usually only have a few minutes to make a phone call to enquire. If they can’t get hold of someone, they are unlikely to call back, and will most likely look elsewhere. Cloud-based phone systems allow you to place callers in queues and play them on-hold messages to advise them that they will soon reach an agent. They also allow you to forward calls to a colleague when you are out of the office.

With BT Openreach switching off traditional phone lines in 2025 it makes sense to start looking for alternatives sooner rather than later. A VoIP system is the smart choice for businesses who want to transition from a traditional phone system to something that is going to suit their communications needs now and adapt as they grow.