Enhanced aftercare solutions

Avoid unnecesary charges
At Firstcom Europe, we’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service and  aftercare.
We have added two services to our portfolio to help you with the smooth running of your business communications and protect you against unnecessary charges.

Fault Assurance – protecting you against expensive callout fees

Your phone lines are crucial to the smooth running of your business and if something goes wrong you need a swift resolution. But did you know that if a BT Openreach engineer attends your site and does not find a fault with the connection to the building you are charged £135? If they do find a fault (outside of your premises and off your land), then they repair it at no charge to you.

When you are running a business, you haven’t got time to try and work out where the fault lies – you just need a working phone system. To help make life easier, we’ve designed our Fault Assurance service. For as little as £1.09 per line/channel per month, Firstcom will cover up to three BT Openreach charges during the year. This is not only great value for money, but it also gives you peace of mind that you can do everything necessary to get your phones up and running in the event of a fault.

We also now cover Broadband circuits as well, for £1.64 you get the additional peace of mind that if your broadband goes down and a specialist broadband engineer is required, that you will not have to pay for the callout should the engineer not find any fault with the broadband and it turns out to be a router issue or something else.

Exceptional Call Reporting – helping you prevent telephony fraud

Telephone fraud is the action of hacking into the phone system to obtain free calls. It is a serious business, and many companies do not realise how vulnerable their system could be if ports on the router are left open or are not protected by strong passwords. Dealing with fraud is not straightforward and the focus must always be on prevention and putting controls in place.

At Firstcom we take our duty of care to ensure we are protecting you against telecoms fraud seriously. We have made our Exceptional Call Reporting service mandatory on all lines.  If we detect and strange calling patterns to premium rate or international numbers, we will not only alert you, but we will also investigate the calls to see if these are actually fraudulent, if they are, we will do everything possible to ensure this does not happen again.

Terms and Conditions apply to both services. Please download the PDFs to see full details.