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Should you become a channel partner?

Are you interested in becoming a channel partner but unsure of the benefits?

We have put together a short article on the key benefits to be gained by becoming a sales partner for a vendor or service provider organisation.

First of all, what do we mean by channel sales?

Channel sales simply refers to a press where a company acts as an intermediary to market, sell and distribute products or services to an end customer. In the case of Firstcom, our channel partners sell our cloud-based communication solutions.

Why should I consider becoming a channel partner?

Enter new markets

The market for VoIP is full of opportunities but it is also competitive.

And we all know that making an impact in a competitive market requires investment in terms of funds, time and resources.

 By partnering with an established provider, you can fast track your way into this busy market and start selling straight away.

Offer a full suite of products and services

As a channel partner you can “stack” different solution, and these do not have to be from only one vendor. You might use one supplier for hardware, and another for software services.

When you offer a broad set of products you can deliver a diverse portfolio to meet your clients’ business and technology needs. Not only does this mean more monthly revenue, it also builds your brand and makes you more valued by your customers.

Enhance your credibility

If you are just starting out then partnering with a respected vendor will automatically enhance your brand and help gain customer trust.

Access to support and resources

One of the main benefits of a good channel programme is access to off-the-shelf material that supports your sales efforts.

What is more, as a Firstcom channel partner you will tap into 20 plus years of IT and Telecoms industry experience.

Channel partnerships present benefits to the vendor too.   A channel partner programme is an effective way for a vendor top extend its reach. A strong channel partnership is one where partners are empowered by the right products, resources, and relationships.

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